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Flowers to match every theme!


Choosing the colors for your wedding and other events is important to creating the theme of the event.  Lots of conversation with many friends and loved ones or colleagues will go into the choice.  Once you have decided, it's time to start designing all the elements that will go in to the telling of the story of your celebration!  Not to worry...there are flowers available in every color and style combination you can want. 


On these pages are just a few examples of flowers available in the most popular colors.  There are many shades of all colors to be found in floral meaning the image you have in your mind can be brought to life.


Do I have to use flowers?  No, Valley Event Floral can design and execute custom non-floral design elements for you.  VEF can design, source and build centerpieces and other event elements using anything from paper to 3D objects and light.


Designing the elements to create your event will mean making decisions, but leave the work to VEF and we will make your celebration special and beautiful!

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